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Benefits of Wearing Nightguards

A good night's sleep is a vital part of your everyday life. There may be several reasons that could disrupt one's sleep. It may vary from insomnia, headaches to teeth grinding, and so many! 

In recent studies put forward by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that a considerable percent of the adult population in the United States grind their teeth at night, out of which women grind their teeth more than men. 

So, what is teeth grinding? Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is a common condition of the jaws. It is a state of repeated clenching of the jawbone during the night while the patient is asleep. The clenching of the jawbone may lead to persistent headaches, and a feeling of tiredness in the jaw muscles, lead to chipped or broken teeth, and unexplained exhaustion in the morning.

One of the common ways to alleviate the effects of Bruxism is to wear night guards.  Nightguards are oral appliances that are typically worn during the night to minimize and control the effects of Bruxism on the patient's teeth. This helps protect the enamel from wear, breakage, and other enamel defects that may arise out of Bruxism. 

Let's discuss the many benefits of wearing night guards for the same.

1. Nightguards help alleviate pain 

The custom-made oral appliance is known to offer comfort at its maximum. The comfortable, compact, and light-weight nature of nightguards gives patients the perfect remedy for the condition. It helps reduce stress and strain on the joints of the jawbone and muscles. 

2. Prevents Headaches

Consistent headaches are quite frequent among patients who suffer from Bruxism. Wearing night guards help alleviate headaches and pain. Several patients have reported experiencing fewer signs of headaches and neck pain upon wearing night guards during their sleep.

3. Minimizes damage to the teeth

Unconscious grinding of teeth and clenching of teeth at night may lead to chipping away of teeth, cause damage to fillings, and lead to excessive wear and tear of the enamel. By wearing night guards, such damage can be controlled and brought to a minimum.

4. Improves the patient's sleep patterns

Nightguards help you experience a comfortable and goodnight's sleep. It helps position your jaws in such a way that allows your muscles to relax. This will enable you to have a stress-free sleep.

5. Helps prevent snoring

Although snoring may turn out to be the least of your concerns in this regard, wearing night guards can undoubtedly minimize the tendency to snore. As the patient wears night guards, it creates a small space between the jaws, which helps increase the intake of oxygen. This allows the patient to breathe better and experience a good night's sleep. 

It's easy enough to get a nightguard. All you have to do is request an appointment with Dr. Lum, and our expert team would help you get a customized nightguard just for you.

Schedule an online appointment or call Dentist Milpitas CA at 408-262-1710 to have a consultation with Dr. Lum and we’ll be able to guide you further.

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