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ClearCorrect - What Do You Need To Know

ClearCorrect is one of the most sought-after orthodontic appliances to treat a malocclusion. Some of its exclusive features such as transparency, removability, and effectiveness put it ahead of braces, which was the only orthodontic treatment option available for a long time.

Why should you choose ClearCorrect?

  • ClearCorrect is made from a dental-grade plastic material that is transparent. This makes the aligners virtually invisible, and people who see your smile wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what you’re getting treatment to correct your misaligned teeth.
  • ClearCorrect aligners can be removed easily. It can be removed when you want to brush your teeth or while consuming food. If you have a special occasion, such as a date or a presentation at the office, you may remove it if you wish to and put it back on after a brief period.
  • They are absolutely metal-free. The major issue with braces is that they are composed of metal brackets and wires. This can put the patient’s mouth at risk of getting severely injured when they take a hard blow to the mouth. But ClearCorrect is all plastic and the chances of getting injured due to it are next to none.
  • ClearCorrect is developed based on advanced technology. With a software that is associated with the aligner, the dentist can accurately track the changes in the alignment of your teeth and predict how they would move with a new set of aligners. The entire treatment period can be precisely mapped out beforehand.
  • Treating dental malocclusion with ClearCorrect doesn’t require you to visit the dentist frequently. A follow-up visit once in two weeks would suffice for the dentist to make sure the treatment is on track, and to give you a new set of aligners for the next two weeks.

Treatment procedure

ClearCorrect treatment would start with the dentist visually examining your teeth and deciding whether or not you require orthodontic treatment. The teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and any existing restorations will be attended to. X-rays and 3D scanning will be done to accurately map out the position of the teeth and determine how best they can be brought to the right position.

The data from the images and measurements of the teeth will be sent to a dental laboratory where the customized aligners will be fabricated from plastic. They work by gently applying pressure on the teeth that are out of place and moving them into perfect alignment. The aligners will have to be changed every two weeks when the dentist gives you a different aligner. The new aligner will be slightly different from the previous one as it should accommodate the changes in the teeth alignment.

ClearCorrect will have to be worn for at least 22 hours a day to make sure the treatment is effective and completed on time. Based on the severity of your condition, the treatment period varies between a few months, up to a couple of years.

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