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Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are made from a combination of a strong metal, such as Titanium, and ceramic. They are used to replace teeth that are extracted from the mouth in cases of cavities, trauma, infections, etc. Since they replace both the tooth root and the crown, they are highly preferred by dentists owing to the various benefits they offer.

Dr. Lum would carefully analyze the condition of your oral cavity and suggest the right treatment method to help with your condition. He brings his vast knowledge in the field of dentistry to the table to help his patients get the best smile possible.

Drawbacks of a missing tooth

  • Biting and chewing food wouldn’t be the same when you lose a tooth. Unequal forces and pressure will be applied on the teeth next to the gap, making it quite uncomfortable.
  • Due to the unequal forces, the teeth may misalign by moving out of position. This can induce pain in the teeth, jaws, and the TMJ.
  • The gap left by the missing tooth allows the adjacent teeth to gradually shift from their places. They can drift from their orthodontically correct positions, giving rise to a malocclusion.
  • Your beautiful smile would take a bad hit as the aesthetics would alter. You may feel too conscious when you talk to people or pose for photos fearing that the gap would be seen.

What are the advantages of getting an implant?

  • The appearance of an implant is so very similar to that of a natural tooth that it is virtually impossible to spot any difference. It’s color, texture, contour, size, and translucency can be perfectly matched with that of the other teeth, thereby restoring the aesthetics of the smile to perfection.
  • With an implant, you can bite and chew food without hassle and not worry about the restoration breaking, snapping off or slipping out of position. It is fitted into the jawbone, allowing it to firmly stay adhered in place. Its strength is unmatchable with any other form of tooth restoration.
  • The ceramic material used to fabricate the crown is durable, strong, stain-resistant, and highly customizable.
  • The lifespan of an implant is quite impressive. With proper care, it would last for several years together.
  • Since the implant restores both the tooth root and crown, drifting of teeth will be prevented.

Getting Your Implants: The Procedure

When you visit us to get your dental implant, we would carry out an extensive screening process to check for candidacy. Factors such as malocclusion, cavities, gum diseases, spacing available for implant placement, jawbone health, etc. will be taken into consideration. Scans and x-rays may be taken during this. A highly-precise mold will be taken to determine the size and contour of the implant crown, which will be sent to a dental laboratory.

The implant placement procedure would be conducted under the influence of local anesthesia to get rid of pain and discomfort. A small hole will be made on the jawbone under the missing tooth’s place after which a metal stud will be inserted into it. After the implant site heals, which takes a few months’ time, the crown will be attached to it with the help of a connecting element, called the abutment, and dental adhesives. A bite test reveals the fit of the implant and any changes, if required, will be made.

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