Cavities are one of the most widely experienced oral conditions and can affect individuals of all age groups. They can leave a shabby appearance on the teeth due to the erosion of the enamel and decay of the underlying tissues. If left untreated, the cavity could increase in size and severity, leaving the tooth at risk of being extracted. Hence, it is crucial to get it treated and restored at the earliest.

How can cavities be restored?

Restoring a cavity-infected tooth would require bringing it back to its ideal contour, structural stability, and overall appearance. You could choose from two different types of fillings depending on your preference, namely mercury-based amalgam and tooth-colored composite. Both these materials have their own set of advantages, making them highly-preferred to restore teeth.

What are the advantages of amalgam?

Amalgam is a mixture of mercury and one other metal, making it suitable for filling cavities. Here are some advantages of amalgam fillings:

Durability: Metal fillings are known for their excellent durability. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear and last for several years without any hassle.

Affordable: Amalgam fillings are quite cost-effective. They are often the go-to solution for patients who are looking for a quick and affordable fix.

Sealing: Amalgam fillings render excellent sealing properties as they prevent reinfection and further decay of the tooth. It significantly reduces the chances of getting a tooth extraction.

Excellent functionality: The teeth will be restored to their ideal functionality with amalgam fillings. You can bite and chew food without worrying.

However, they leave a quite apparent and lustrous appearance on the teeth, which can have a negative impact on your oral aesthetics.

How are composite fillings advantageous?


  • The composite resin used to make dental fillings are biocompatible. Meaning, they do not cause a toxic reaction with the tissues of the teeth and blend in perfectly.
  • Composite fillings can be modified to match the same aesthetics of the natural teeth, thereby keeping them under disguise and indistinguishable when you smile or talk.
  • Composite fillings are quite durable as well. With optimum care, they last for many years with negligible wear.
  • Working with composite fillings is relatively easy. The dentist can prepare the filling, apply it on the prepared surface of the cavity, and contour it accordingly.
  • Making repairs is easy to the filling whenever it sustains damage or wears. It is quite inexpensive, as well.



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